Domestic Violence: An Introduction for Pagans & Polytheists (1/2)

The goal is to share some basic, foundational information on the reality of domestic violence: what it is, the myriad ways it can manifest, what constitutes consent, why it’s considered a public health crisis, and what it takes for a person who causes harm to change their ways. There are many resources from secular domestic violence organizations that do this, and I encourage folks to explore them to get additional perspectives on a challenging and complex subject, but so far I haven’t found any that include a pagan/polytheistic perspective. Read More

Ways of Engaging for Social Justice Efforts

This post is meant to be an evolving list of options for engaging in social justice efforts, generalized enough that they can apply to efforts with different focuses. It includes thoughts on direct and indirect actions as well as spiritual and magical considerations, but we also strongly encourage people to read other perspectives and only take from this what they find useful. Read More