This page is intended to act as a crossroads for information for loved ones, allies, service providers, and other members of a survivor’s community.

We encourage everyone to look through our page, “Is it abuse?” and explore its downloadable content.

For Loved Ones & Allies

If you’ve ever stood witness to a loved one enduring an abusive relationship, or if you’ve been there when someone is struggling to cope with the trauma after the end of an abusive relationship, you know that the impact of domestic violence reaches far beyond the partners behind closed doors. Helplessness, frustration, grief…having these emotions are normal when trying to support someone who’s hurting.

For Spiritual Service Providers

Part of encouraging our faith communities to do better in how they address gendered violence is also offering resources for spiritual service providers to develop stronger skills in peer support: consent, confidentiality, communication techniques, conflict management, professional boundaries, and education in common areas of vulnerability (e.g. substance recovery, domestic violence, sexual assault).

Education, Workshops, & Strategies

Polytheistic advocates who are certified in domestic violence intervention and prevention are offering different education opportunities, including but not limited to training other spiritual service providers, working with pagan priesthoods on trauma-informed pastoral care, or strategizing with pagan groups on violence prevention and intervention policies for public events.