The following documents offer information and resources on domestic violence which include common concerns from pagan, polytheist, and magic-using survivors. They are free to use, print, or share in whatever ways are safest and most useful.

Crisis Line Cards & Flyers

A recommended addition for group and public events!

Printing out cards or small flyers with crisis line information for community events is one way of promoting awareness of the services available to survivors. These cards (sometimes called “shoe cards” or “palm cards” because they can be easily hidden for safety reasons) can be left in a stack in private bathroom stalls or at registration tables, or flyers can be posted inside bathroom stall doors or alongside faith community information on billboards. Many agencies will provide you with already printed materials for free or at low cost if you visit in person.

If you’re putting resources in gendered spaces, such as gender-specific bathrooms, please make sure to include all the spaces, including masculine ones!

Suggestion: If you’re posting a tear flyer, make sure to tear off one of the tabs yourself. People are often reluctant to be the first one, and this small action can go a long way in soothing a survivor’s anxiety.

Most domestic violence organizations will have free materials on their websites you can download in different languages. You can see examples from the US-based National Domestic Violence Hotline here.

Pagan-Specific Information from Macha’s Justice

The downloadables below are very similar to what you’d find on most agency websites. However, they’ve been changed to use gender-neutral language and explicitly address pagan-specific concerns where appropriate. These can be printed out to share with individuals* or groups, including community organizing meetings.

*Note that not all survivors may be able to safely receive printed materials, especially if they’re still in an abusive situation. When in doubt, trust the survivor’s discretion or speak to an advocate on a hotline for safety-planning guidance.

You can find many useful secular downloadables on the websites of national organizations like the NCADV or National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Please check back to see new materials as they’re updated!