MJ on Teachable

Macha’s Justice now runs a Teachable school offering online classes around domestic violence that include pagan and polytheistic perspectives.

Macha’s Justice on Teachable

Trauma-Informed Pagan Organizations & Priesthoods

“Trauma-informed care” is one of those terms that’s get used among social services but isn’t always clearly defined in an actionable way. Based on their experience volunteering with a pagan nonprofit and also working professionally within the nonprofit sector, Marjorie Ní Chobhthaigh breaks the concept down to measurable goals for the benefit of any pagan group, including priesthoods, which are providing some form of service to its community.

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Supporting Pagan & Polytheist Clients as Non-Pagan Service Providers

One of the most common barriers facing pagan and polytheist survivors is the experience of their personal religious faith being judged or even pathologized by therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and other service providers who don’t share the same faith. If you’re a non-pagan service provider interested in having a better understanding of how to hold space for a pagan or polytheist client, we can help!

Marjorie Ní Chobhthaigh holds a Master’s in Religious Studies from the University of Edinburgh, specializing in contemporary American spiritual movements, and has worked for a secular nonprofit as an advocate for domestic violence survivors since June 2016. They’ve been a part of various pagan and polytheist communities since adolescence and can provide practical information to help bridge the gap of misunderstanding between client and provider.

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