Macha’s Justice is a small group run by volunteers, all of whom have personal and/or professional experience with domestic and interpersonal violence, and all of whom practice some form of paganism, polytheism, or magic.

For Survivors

Macha’s Justice is not currently set up to provide its own advocacy or peer counseling. It can offer:

  • Faith-based educational classes and materials from a pagan, polytheist, or magical perspective
  • Short-term peer support with the goal of getting connected to appropriate, supportive resources

We cannot provide:

  • long-term, ongoing peer emotional support or therapeutic services
  • spiritual services
  • legal advice
  • formal referrals
  • certification training

We’re happy to do what we can to help you find an accessible resource that will help you with these things such as a domestic violence agency, a family resource center, or a priesthood in your religious tradition that’s local to you. We encourage people to take a look at our general resources.

For the Community

Friends, family, and neighbors are often the first people that survivors will go to for help. We aim to offer education and resources for individuals, spiritual service providers, community leaders, and faith-based groups to be better able to support survivors, hold people who cause harm accountable within their community or group, and mitigate the likelihood of harm ever happening in the first place.