Marjorie Ní Chobhthaigh

Founder | Website & Social Media Admin | Education Facilitator

Marjorie is a California-certified advocate for survivors of domestic violence who has been providing direct service in crisis intervention with nonprofit social services since 2016. They currently supervise several programs: domestic violence prevention education, courthouse legal advocacy,  coordinating extralegal community-oriented strategies with people who have caused harm, and training and certifying new advocates. They are also a certified mediator and have additional training in subjects that often intersect with domestic violence crisis intervention, e.g. suicide prevention.

They have been a practicing polytheist since the early 2000s. Their BA is in Religious Philosophy and their MSc is in Religious Studies, specifically focused on the anthropological study of modern American spiritual movements. Their personal polytheist blog, Bean Chaointe, is available here.

River Devora

Facebook Peer Support Group & Discord Admin

River is a multi-trad spirit worker, healer, clergyperson and Santera who has been providing services in the pagan and polytheist communities since the early 1990s. They are also a practicing nutritionist, somatic therapist, healer, and a former advocate for survivors of domestic violence and elder abuse. For more information, you can visit their personal site here and check out their monthly online pan-polytheist class series, Strong Roots & Wide Branches.