“Nothing about us without us.”

Centering the voices of survivors is essential in addressing the violence that happens in our communities. However, it must be done in ways that prioritize consent, safety, and the power a survivor has over their own story.

Why do this?

  • A reminder for survivors that they are not alone.
  • So that survivors can share their story in their own words and on their own terms.
  • A reminder that behind the statistical data are real, individual people.
  • So that other people can see examples of the lived reality, both supportive and harmful, of the violence that people experience in our faith communities.

My Own Words: Survivor Stories

If you would like to share your story of interpersonal violence in your own words, you may do so using the link below. Additional information on confidentiality is provided.

Submission: My Own Words

The stories below are posted with the permission of the survivor who submitted it. Quoting or copying any text from these stories without explicit permission from the survivor who owns the story in question is a violation of copyright and survivor consent.